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The future is here. At a click of a button you can raise or lower your blind to the selected position to allow for the correct amount of light and privacy. Control your blinds individually or at the flick of a button or control all your blinds simultaneously. Radio frequency technology means that no line of sight is necessary to control your blinds so you do not even have to be in the same room. 

Place your blinds on a timer and raise and lower groups of blinds at certain times or even place them in a security mode to raise and lower your blinds randomly in your absence. Available on the Roller Blind, Wood Venetian, Retro Venetian, Roman Bamboo and Roman Panel Blind.

At a click of a button | Control your blinds | 220V and battery options

Thermosunis Sensor
Telis 16 Pure
Telis 6 Chronis
Telis 4 Solaris
Telis 4 Silver
Telis 4 Pure
Telis 4 Lounge
Sunis Indoor Sensor
Smoove Walnut Frame
Smoove Touch Silver
Smoove Touch Pure
Telis 16 Pure
Smoove Silver Frame
Smoove Origin Pure
Smoove Black Frame
Modulis 4 Silver
Modulis 4 Pure
Modulis 4 Lounge
Chronis Smart